Sacramento’s K Street Mall (now branded as “The Kay”) is a pedestrian mall situated in the heart of the downtown area. It is bounded on the south by L Street and the State Capitol, to the north by J Street (a major cross-town connector), the Downtown Plaza on the West end and the Convention Center to the East. Although K Street begins again at 15th Street and extends into Mid-Town Sacramento it is the seven blocks from 7th Street to 13th, commonly known as the K Street Mall, that locals think of first whenever K Street is mentioned.

K Street is a district badly in need of urban renewal but fortunately help is on the way. At the West end of K a new Arena will soon begin construction replacing much of the Downtown Plaza. The Convention Center is slated for an expansion. And though there are many vacant and/or demolished buildings along the center of K Street, there are projects on the board to revitalize and/or rebuild. This is a very exciting time for Downtown.

The purpose of this site is to chronicle the progress toward a revitalized downtown. We’ve been down for so long it’s hard to believe that better days are ahead. But things will get better. As they do, let’s celebrate them here!