900 Block, North Side

This side of the block has mostly fast dining restaurants. If you happen to live at the Sequoia Hotel, you’re probably eating here often…

Address: 1025 9th Street
Built: 1910
Stories: 6
Square Footage: 50,833
Last Recorded Sale: 11/01/1984
Owner: Halls Capitol Plaza

Historical Significance: Unknown

Current Use: The ground floor has a number of merchants. The second floor of this building is a series of ballrooms operated by Capitol Plaza Ballrooms and are suitable for grand social events like wedding receptions.

Address: 911 K Street, The Sequoia Hotel
Built: 1906
Stories: 6
Square Footage: 32,930
Last Recorded Sale: 02/08/1985
Owner: 911 K Street Investors

Historical Significance: This residential hotel was once the home of future U.S. Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren. Warren stayed here in 1919 as a staff attorney for the Assembly Judiciary Committee. The ground floor was originally the home of the Sequoia Theater. A painted advertisement along the eastern side of the building advertises its modern amenities, including steam heat.

Current Use: The ground floor has a Mexican Restaurant called Alejandro’s Taqueria. The floors above that are the Sequoia Hotel, which rents single-occupancy rooms on a month-to-month basis.

Address: 913 / 915 K Street
Built: 1900
Stories: 1
Square Footage: 8,150
Last Recorded Sale: 10/30/2001
Owner: Aris Kufasimes Family Trust

Historical Significance: Unknown

Current Use: At 913 K Street is a Subway sandwich shop and at 915 K is a Burger Inn restaurant.

Address: 919 K Street
Built: 1979
Stories: 1
Square Footage: 6,038
Last Recorded Sale: 04/23/2003
Owner: Luong Dang & Nguyen Huey

Historical Significance: Unknown

Current Use: Golden Rice Bowl restaurant.

Address: 921 K Street
Built: 1885
Stories: 1
Square Footage: 2,280
Last Recorded Sale: 09/09/1850
Owner: Fahn Family Trust

Historical Significance: Unknown

Current Use: K Mini Mart grocery and convenience store.

Address: 923 K Street
Built: 1960
Stories: 2
Square Footage: 9,315
Last Recorded Sale: 05/25/1984
Owner: Milan and Marcia Matosevich

Historical Significance: Unknown

Current Use: Mike’s Tailoring & Clothing store.

Address: 931 K / 1022 10th Street
Built: 1960
Stories: 3
Square Footage: 16,290
Last Recorded Sale: 09/19/1997
Owner: Ismail Abukhdair

Historical Significance: Unknown

Current Use: The ground floor has a deli. It’s unclear what’s on the upper level(s).

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